There’s a new Charlotte Olympia bridal collection hitting the style streets and you need to see it.  I cannot hide the fact I’m such a Charlotte Olympia fan girl.  Well come on, have you seen their Insta feed?  I just want to live in that World of leopard print everything, sipping cocktails whilst reading Agatha Christie novels,  all with perfectly coiffured hair.  But I digress, here are the wedding shoes!

From classically romantic bridal styles through to the unconventional, these are shoes that will always make a statement.

These razzle dazzlers in particular are so fun and scream… ‘let’s hit the dancefloor!’

A few of my Bijou brides and best girls have worn Charlotte Olympia shoes for the big day and aside from me being insanely jealous, have reported that they are incredibly comfortable (despite those sky high heels).  And let’s face it after the dress the big news is the wedding shoes.  At least you’ll wear them again!  Dates in your wedding dress are just not the done thing.  Surely that’s justification for a splurge in the shoe department.

All the styles in the bridal collection maintain tradition in white, off white and ivory tones but otherwise are pretty expressive compared to your typical wedding shoe.  You’ll spot occasional flashes of pillar box red and bold embellishments, tassels and heels that aren’t what you’re used to seeing in bridal boutiques.

The collection was designed with a view to offering a signature style to suit each month of the year.  But to be honest I don’t think that will play a part in putting your prettiest foot forward.

Wonder who else is a fan now too?  If you want to take a closer look, you can see the entire Charlotte Olympia bridal collection on their website – and you’ll find select styles in select retailers Worldwide.

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