Stunning Apulia Wedding, Italy

Nicola and Chiara married last July in the ancient Basilica of Trani, a beautiful little fishing town along the Adriatic Sea on Italy’s south east coast. The wedding party then moved to Lama di Luna, a bio masseria located on the wild side of the “Murgia” of Bari. Captured by Bottega53, we are in love with the beautiful sunset images of the couple, as well as the stunning basilica where the couple married. Wedding planners Cento Rose e un Tulipano have a few words for us about the day: “We started working at the wedding of Nicola and Chiara about eight months before the date set in July, and we found right away we had a common vision of what their wedding should be: three days of vacation with closest friends and relatives in a place that would make them feel at home. With the bride from the south of Italy and the groom a very urban “Milanese” type, they were looking for an authentic place away from the celebrated Salento. We proposed the “Murgia Barese”, a very rough territory, with bold colours and strong contrasting landmarks. The wedding took place on a typical “masseria” today converted into a charming Relais, who have kept the original fortified buildings arranged around a large courtyard. The couple had clear ideas about the hospitality they intended to offer to their guests: simple and wholesome food, which reflected the values of the bride’s homeland. The ceremony took place in the amazing Basilica of Trani, under a clear blue sky that contrasted with the white stone of the cathedral. Chiara is a romantic but practical girl- since the farmyard was a little rough, she decided to adopt comfortable lace espadrilles. The groom never stopped smiling from the beginning until the end of the day. After the ceremony the guests arrived at the masseria just in time for the stunning sunset. The “Aperitivo” consisted of typical Apulian stalls, where fried vegetables were cooked, mozzarella was hand-made and burrata of Andria and smoothies of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from chef’s garden. When the night fell, we lit up the courtyard and the celebration turned into a festival: long convivial tables decorated with jars wrapped in lace and roses in colourful tones. A small jar of local spices used as placeholder and a fun seating chart on wooden cutting boards, lead guests to the table. At the end of the evening after the cutting of the cake, delicious typical southern desserts, along with the famous “confetti” of Andria, the newlywed couple and their friends went to the pool, where they danced until the morning.”

Photography: Bottega53 | Wedding Planners: Cento Rose e un Tulipano | Bride’s Dress & Shoes: Jolan Cris | Groom Attire: Dolce and Gabbana | Venue: Masseria Lama di Luna | Catering: Pietro Zito | Wedding Cake: Pasticceria Schiraldi


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