texture, twinkle & tulle: the lyn ashworth by sarah barrett 2018 daydreamer collection

Original Source: texture, twinkle & tulle: the lyn ashworth by sarah barrett 2018 daydreamer collection

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There’s only one way to get through Monday, and that’s crushing on pretty dresses. Fortunate for you, we have a fabulous instalment of gorgeous gowns coming right up as we take a look at the stunning new 2018 collection from Lyn Ashworth.

Handmade and crafted from start to finish by British designer Sarah Barrett and her highly experienced team of cutters and seamstress, the Lyn Ashworth name has become renowned for its romantic and flowing skirts and perfectly fitted boned bodices – and the latest Daydreamer collection is no different.

True to its name, the collection is filled with captivating designs that offer a perfect balance between fairy tale and fashion. With a focus on ‘texture, twinkle and tulle’ there are some incredible princess style gowns with shimmering detail, but also some beautiful Bardot designs with 3D floral touches, and amazing A-line gowns with on-trend monochrome influences.

We’re in love and easily find ourselves daydreaming of twirling around in these incredible gowns!

Here to tell us more is the lady who created all the magic, designer Sarah Barrett.


Can you give us a brief overview of the Daydreamer collection?

sarah says: Inspired by texture and light, the 2018 ‘Daydreamer’ collection is all about beautiful fabrics, ruffles, twinkle and tulle. From hand appliqued three-dimensional embellishments and delicate beaded French lace, to shimmering sequins, I wanted to create a collection with a contemporary take on our signature style.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the collection?

We are surrounded by texture and light. Different light can portray a different texture and a different texture can portray a different light. I wanted to mimic the amazing contrast between the two and use beautiful fabrics to portray this. We used hand-appliqué beading and 3D embellishment to maximise the luxurious and luminous fabrics used across the collection.


Can you tell us a little about the fabrics and colourways included in this collection?

The collection features an abundance of amazing fabrics including three-dimensional floral tulle and guipure lace, delicate French beaded lace and light shimmering sequins. There are also a few monochrome accents threaded throughout the collection using black velvet ribbon belts.

Similarly, what details feature within the collection?

Texture is a major influence for this collection. From beautiful Guipure lace to delicate light-catching sequins, there is something for all brides. Our skirt shapes have been designed in a way that offers volume and movement with a light-as-air feel.

Champagne Blush -6934ret2

Do you have a favourite design from the collection, and, if so, which one is it and what do you love about it?

Champagne Blush was the first dress I created for this collection, which I simply adore. It encapsulates the whole essence of the theme of texture, twinkle and tulle. You should always start a collection with a show stopper and well every girl needs a little Champagne in her life, wouldn’t you say?!

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What type of bride would the Daydreamer collection appeal to?

Within this collection there is a dress for all brides. The joy of all my collections is that each dress can be adapted to suit a bride’s own individual style.

What are the key features of a Lyn Ashworth gown and how do your designs stand out from others?

A Lyn Ashworth gown is renowned for its quality and fit. Designing and manufacturing in our studio in Staffordshire, allows me to have a very hands-on approach and I am extremely proud to be flying the Made in England flag. All of my dresses are designed and made in-house, which allows flexibility in lead times and design for my brides.

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What is it about designing bridal wear that you enjoy most?

The journey you experience with each design can produce many emotions. From the first sketch, finding that exquisite piece of lace, to the final stitch. The moment a design comes alive and then working closely with my brides to produce the dress of their dreams. What is not to enjoy?

What would be your best piece of advice to brides when searching for their dream dress?

Do your research and communication is key. Be open and honest with the boutique or designer at all times and don’t be afraid to ask for changes. If a design isn’t quite right for you and you would like minor changes, this can be easily accommodated. Stay true to your own style, as your wedding dress should always be an extension of your own personality.


What would you say are the next big looks in bridal wear?

I’m obsessed with the monochrome trend – I’ve incorporated little touches throughout the collection using fine black velvet ribbons and belts.

Hearts Desire-5348ret2

How can our readers find out more about the collection or Lyn Ashworth stockists?

You can take a look at our website where you will find details of our wonderful stockists and all our collections, which include videography of each style to enable you to view as they move. You can also book an appointment at our showroom in Staffordshire, where all our collections are housed for you to try. We would love to meet you.

Any other exciting news to share?

We have exciting times ahead here at Lyn Ashworth including plans to open our own stand-alone boutique in Staffordshire, so watch this space!

the big picture

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Champagne Blush -6934ret2
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Champagne Blush -7028ret2
Champagne Blush -7114ret2
Hearts Desire -5251ret2
Hearts Desire -5300ret2
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Love's Dream -8933ret2
Love's Dream -8951ret2
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Love's Promise -0909ret2 2
Moonlight & Jacket -7635ret2
Nature's Promise -8217ret2
Nature's Promise -8384ret2
Nature's Promise -8432ret2
Nature's Promise -8684ret2
Spring Rose -7484ret2
Spring Rose -7566ret2
Spring Rose-7633ret2
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Summer Breeze -0107ret2
Summer Breeze -0275ret2
Summer Breeze -0385ret2
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