The 5 Cs of Wedding Colour

When it comes to wedding styling the colors you choose for your wedding day can be a reflection of your style, your favourite colours, or simply the season. Maybe you have one color in mind, or maybe you have no idea where to start. When it comes to colour there are a few ways to embrace colour without committing to one dominant one. Here are our 5 Cs of colour.

1. Confetti

Confetti is a simple way to introduce colour (as well as experience) to your wedding day. Colourful confetti will create vibrancy and atmosphere and bring a bright punch to your wedding photographs.

Remember you can opt for petals as a way of making your confetti as natural as possible and if you’re super-organised you could try and tie this in with your floral tones.

Images by Green Wedding Photography and Crieff Photography

2. Cake

In our minds cake is always an opportunity to say something about your wedding style. What better way to inject a bit of colour pop than a table laden with cake. From cake tables, to naked cakes you can add colour through florals and edibles alike.

A colourful cake is bound to make your guests smile (before they dive in!)

Images by Mihaela Bodlovic, Ena May Photography and Fraser Cameron Photography

3. Clothes

Your wedding dress is a chance for you to add some colour. We love Catie and Simon’s musical beach wedding for showing it’s vibrancy and colour.

You can also play with tones for your bridal party so that the style becomes about the different shades, rather than one dominant colour.

And don’t forget what goes on your feet can be as bright and bold as you like.

Photos by Love Skye Photography, First Light Photography and Mack Photography

4. Cocktails

Remember that your drinks reception doesn’t have to be devoid of colour. Even if you opt for champagne or processecco you can always add some fruit.

We love the idea of a ‘pimp your prosecco’ bar. It helps to bring colour as well as a personal touch. And it will get your guests interacting.

Photos by Blue Sky Photography

5. Kilts

Ok I cheated with the alliteration. Kilts is a kicking ‘k’… still when it comes to colour we all know kilts can pack a punch or two.

From contrasting colours, to the groom in his own unique colour we love the colour that tartan brings to all Scottish weddings.

Photos by  Nicola Stewart Photography, Donna Murray Photography and Crofts and Kowalczyk

Planning to embrace colour for your wedding? We’d love to hear what you have planned. Alie x

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