The 6 Month Mark

With 6 months to go and counting, Adele is getting her Monica on. Invites are being printed (complete with picture timeline – love it!) and bridesmaids dresses are in the offing. Over to Adele…

“Absolutely petrified but equally ecstatic to say we are at the 6-month mark (even a small squeal comes out typing this!) I’m not very sure where this year is going but I think (maybe more hope!) we are on top of everything. Everyone tells me time goes even quicker from here on in so the ‘To Do List’ and Spreadsheet are being meticulously reviewed and re-reviewed. I’m not one for mulling over the ‘what-if’s’ anyway and the 6-month guides they offer in the magazines are a perfect starting point, or what I did was take a few of these for ideas and make my own.

“With the 6-month mark also comes second payments for a few of our vendors and it’s times like these I am so thankful for our homemade tracking spreadsheet as it really does keep everything together for you and there is always a slight gulp of despair as you hope it will match near enough to your estimated cost. I couldn’t live without it, especially with our style of wedding, there a lot of different vendors, with different payment dates with different requirements – the printer may also be one of our best purchases this year as I like to see all my invoices in front of me! (There is a slight Monica from ‘Friends’ side to me emerging from all this wedding planning!)

“I took one final visit to my fave boutique, Ivory Grace, to collect my lovely, oh so delicate, veil. I think it will be one to get used to on the day as when I tried it on at home I was very aware of what was going behind me – I feel like I was constantly on the radar for feet and paws!

“But I plan on fully embracing this one-time chance and it would be cruel to the 8-year-old me to not take full advantage of finally replacing that pillow case with the real thing. The staff here are incredibly accommodating and even helped with my final measurements to send off to the dress maker! That was one email I sent away with a sigh of relief – just in time for Christmas…I have til May right!!

“Invites are now off to press and I cannot wait for them to arrive. I am so happy we did this quite early on as it’s really pushed us to look into the finer, but equally important, details of the day – TIMINGS! We opted to add a picture timeline to the invite as I think it’s a pretty unique way to show the guests how the day will pan out. To keep the element of surprise we gave very subtle clues that this is not your ordinary standard wedding day.

“We also had to decide the start time of the ceremony (making sure to accommodate for the Bride’s traditional accepted lateness!) It’s quite difficult putting specific timings to things like the ceremony and speeches but really it’s just guidelines! And as we don’t technically have a front of house service and sticking with the laid-back theme, I have entrusted my older bother to help keep the order of the day (it may be absolute mayhem or it could be the perfect mix of chaos and laughter!)

“I have also been slightly more pro-active on the bridesmaid dress search, securing a couple appointments in December. I am throwing caution slightly into the wind waiting until the New Year but I’m not going to let it (or my married girlfriends faces of shock when I say it’s a To-Do) stress me out! They will all look amazing on the day, they could even all be in different colours and styles, and it would be the perfect unintentional contrast!

“Next on the list are wedding bands…adding more bling to one’s finger, ideal shopping trip! Neither of us is very sure what we are looking for exactly so I’m sure it will take a couple of trips. But I can’t wait, as it’s something we can do together!

“The table plan and back drop are in full design mode. My Friday nights are now spent cutting card and practising calligraphy…who would have known Mark is better than me! Crafts; plus wine; plus making Spotify playlists for the day are fast becoming my new favourite thing.”

Crafts, wine and Spotify playlists? Sounds pretty perfect to us! Alie x

Adele and Mark are planning a rustic, laid-back celebration that will be a true reflection of the two of them – think flowers, foliage, fairy lights, plus a BBQ and plenty of beer. They are getting married at Inchyra Byre in Perthshire next May.

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