The Essential Wedding Guest Outfits Dos And Don’ts

I am sure you have worn plenty of wedding guest outfits over the years. Perhaps now you are a bride to be, do you regret some of your choices? Were some of your dresses a little bit on the short or revealing side? Or perhaps you opted for white when you should have left that for the bride. Although times have now moved on and the majority of couples are not so rigid or traditional in their views when it comes to wedding guest outfits, some things haven’t changed. If you think your guests might need a little bit of help when it comes to outfit etiquette, ensure they read on to discover Style & the Bride’s wedding guest outfits dos and don’ts.

Wedding Guest Outfits Dos And Don’ts

Do obey the dress code. If the dress code states black tie, don’t turn up in a casual day dress that is simply not appropriate.

Don’t wear white. I don’t care what anyone says, white is only appropriate for the bride and nobody else.

Do wear something seasonally appropriate. If you are attending a winter wedding, why turn up in a dress only suitable for the hottest of summer days?

Don’t choose an outfit you are unsure whether it is suitable for a wedding or not. The fact that you are hesitating over it means that it is not suitable.

Do ask the bride if you are not sure. If she doesn’t like it or deem it is ‘appropriate’, it definitely isn’t.

Don’t dress like you are going to a nightclub. You are not!

Do think about where the wedding is taking place. If the wedding ceremony is in a church or other religious building, pay extra attention to what you are wearing. Are bare shoulders really appropriate for church? The answer is no. Take a cardigan, bolero or jacket with you that you can then remove at the reception.

wedding guest outfits

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wedding guest outfits

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