The final countdown

With just a few days to go until she says I do, Morgan is feeling freakishly calm. Just don’t mention the rejigged table plan…

“Wedding week is finally here and it hasn’t quite sunk in for me yet! I’m surprisingly calm, given my usual response to any kind of potentially stressful situation is to freak out and completely melt down. A couple of weeks ago, it was a different matter entirely though…

“On the Monday we found out that we could only have 8 tables for the wedding meal, not the 9 I had planned for and bought centrepieces for and sorted and written out the table plan for. Not only that, but if we wanted a long table like I’d wanted, we could only have 6 other tables which just wouldn’t accommodate our guest numbers. Cue much sobbing and dramatic flinging my arms in the air in despair. It was my own fault for not checking the number of tables we were allowed with our venue; it’s just so unlike me and my meticulous planning to not have asked, but I must have got so caught up in everything else that I just assumed I’d already checked something so obvious.

“The next day my Mum also found out that the hairdresser had us booked in her diary for 29th September, not 23rd… five minutes of panic before she managed to get everything sorted and confirmed for definite on the right date! And people wonder why I worry so much… Check and re-check EVERYTHING would be my best advice for other over-anxious brides; it’ll save you unnecessary panic closer to your wedding!

“To de-stress, I’ve been focusing on finishing the final bits of DIY, including painting our wedding signage that my Stepdad made for us and writing out our Order of Day on a mirror. Seeing timings written down for definite was probably the most relaxing for me, a sense of total calm came over me for some reason and it hasn’t left me yet. I only need to stay calm for a week more, so fingers crossed!

“It was also Frazer’s 30th birthday this week, so we spent our one-week-to-go date having a lovely, relaxing overnight in Glasgow, complete with tomahawk steak and drinking our way through the Scottish gins. Thank goodness though that the shoes I’m wearing on our wedding day are so comfy and cushioned they feel like slippers – my poor feet are covered in blisters from wearing too-high heels two weekends in a row!

“The reason for the too-high (and most glittery I’ve ever seen) heels the previous weekend was my Home Hen Do, which my Mum and Stepmum organised. We’d already had my fun in the sun hen weekend in Sitges back in July, but I wanted a chance to include the rest of our family and friends in the hen celebrations closer to home too. It ended up being a great night with a wonderful bunch of ladies! We started in my Mum’s house with prosecco and strawberries where I was presented with my veil, sparkly wand and heart shaped bubbles to be worn for the evening, before jumping in some taxis to Wild Cabaret & Wicked Lounge in Glasgow where we had a section all to ourselves marked out with pink, feathery “Morgan’s Hen Party” balloons. It was quite quiet in there that night, but I couldn’t have asked for better to be honest as it meant we pretty much took over the dance floor all night and had an amazing time! The singers were really good and sang all the songs that you could imagine would get a hen party up to dance (e.g. ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’), including my Mum and I’s song ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ by the Supremes. It was lovely to get a wee dance with Mum to that! Before we knew it, it was 1am and everyone bar me and two of my bridesmaids headed home. The three of us then decided that we weren’t quite done with the dancing yet and headed to ABC and carried on the party till we finally rocked up to our houses at four in the morning. It was the perfect end to a perfect Home Hen Do, and I’m so glad everyone came out to celebrate with me. If our wedding reception party is anything like the hen do, it’s going to be the best night!

“Here we are on the home stretch now and even if the small things we’ve planned for our wedding don’t work out, everything else has been sorted and the main parts of the day will still go ahead. We’ll still get to marry the one we adore, still have an amazing party and still have our nearest and dearest with us to help us celebrate – I’d call that a success already.

“This time next week I’ll be Mrs MacLeod and I just can’t wait!”

We’ll all be thinking of Morgan & Frazer this weekend and sending them all the very best for their big day. Can’t wait to hear how it goes! Christina x

Morgan & Frazer will be tying the knot in a Humanist ceremony at Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard, in the Trossachs. They are planning “a riot of colourful tartan, hearts and bookish twists”.

Photos by Morgan and friends

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