The great makeup debate

This week an unexpectedly fierce debate was sparked after a woman went online to ask whether it was okay to apply her makeup in a cafe, given that she was running a bit late that morning. The question went viral, and has been giving our beauty blogger, Lynne food for thought.

Now these are three words you wouldn’t normally expect to hear when on the subject of make-up – ‘rude’, ‘tacky’ and ‘unhygienic’! Well that was what one Mumsnet user was greeted with after posting whether others felt it was appropriate for her to apply make-up in Pret, as she hadn’t had time to do so before leaving the house! Just a tad harsh in my opinion and I think I’m probably in the majority camp here, surely!!!? There is far worse carried out in public than applying make-up I think we can all agree, so is this just a case of good manners gone crazy or actually something really worth considering!?

I have to say I have applied make-up on a train before when I had to be at the station for 6am, there was no way I was getting up any earlier than absolutely necessary! So I took the liberty of getting my make-up bag out on my journey and began to apply my full face of make-up. Not one person even looked up from their coffees or morning papers! However, some of the comments left on this particular post are very surprising, but food for thought and even though I feel the basis of it is pretty much over the top, there are some things to bare in mind when beautifying in public!

We’re not at all referring to a quick touch up of lippy here though, it’s really about those who bring out the full kit and apply the full shebang!

So the biggest ‘peeve’ was those who were dusting powder over people sitting next to them and to be honest that I actually do agree with, you’re sitting on the train suited up for work and a cloud of face powder comes your way, no thanks! It’s about having thought for others, so at least do it without making a complete mess (we’re all guilty of having the make-up mess corner somewhere in the house!). Nobody wants your foundation plastered on a table they’re sharing with you or your used brushes and make-up sponges rolling over their morning newspaper on the train! That said, as long as you are keeping all your make-up items to your own face then it really has absolutely nothing to do with anybody.

There are many though who just say it is ‘tacky’ and ‘bad mannered’ to be doing it at all, also that it just ‘offends’ them to see it!? Somebody else did raise a point which is another fair observation – that if you’re somewhere that people are eating when applying make-up, then using strong scented products is a little unfair, so for example painting nails (which definitely came under fire on this post!) or spraying perfume to setting sprays as well, I would say a no no for sure there! But it’s just about common sense with these things, it’s the fact that in general somebody just applying their make-up in public, and that person a busy mum running about trying to get ready for work with her kids in tow, is shamed for a bit of time saving on the beauty regime! The fact she felt the need to post it and test the water is crazy, in fact the people who surrounded her in Pret that morning, very possibly wouldn’t have even cared. But yet it has exploded into a debate that went viral as a result.

The make-up bag scandal has now also spilled out onto the subject of people applying make-up at their work desks too. Some just saying they find it ‘crass’ to share somebody’s morning routine and that it should be done in the toilet if at all required to take place in public. Another point amongst this make-up routine ‘horror’ though that I agree with, is the certain ‘tweezing’ & squeezing’ that has been known to happen according to some posts. That is a little far, I would say definitely leave the spots alone until you’re at home and no tweezing really either (although it does depending on the area you’re tweezing). At the end of the day you wouldn’t choose to clip toenails in public so maybe a no to removing unwanted hair either…!

Now I know this isn’t wedding related as such, but I’m sure in every bride-to-be’s busy pre-wedding schedule a bit of time saving in the beauty routine could definitely be excused. Although, of course it goes without saying, not on the big day!

As a wedding guest myself a few years back, I actually did my makeup en route to the church after spending the entire morning beautifying the bridal party. So, what would people have to say if some of your wedding guests decided to apply makeup for the big day on arrival, maybe in the hotel bar or reception say? Could you imagine if anybody would take offence by it? Would it even cross your mind as the bride if there were guests still doing their makeup in the venue or sitting outside the church as you were making your way there?

The subject has certainly caused a stir lately and to be honest something I’ve never even considered to be an issue, so what do you think – bad manners or just plain absurd to even think twice on the matter? Please, let us know your thoughts…

What do you think? Stick to at home or in the loo, or be bold and get your blusher on in public? Christina x

Makeup artist and entrepreneur, Lynne Mills runs Scottish makeup team EyeCandy. As well as making brides look incredible, she is no stranger to the fashion scene, having worked backstage with the likes of Vivienne Westwood. And she is kept extra busy developing her own range of beauty products too.

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