The Most Stunning Greenery Wedding Ideas For A Rustic Celebration

I first covered greenery wedding ideas way back in December 2016 when Pantone unveiled ‘greenery’ as their colour of the year. However, I definitely think it is time to revisit this trend as I feel it is definitely not diminishing any time soon.

Without a doubt, greenery wedding ideas are perfect for those of you who are planning a rustic celebration. Think a tipi in the country with foliage everywhere and you are starting to get the picture. I personally think a greenery wedding will always look fresh and contemporary because the colour green always does. Teamed with white or cream, it can look chic and modern at the same time. If you really are after a rustic look, I love the idea of you as a bride wearing a coronet of fresh flowers in your hair and opting for a ‘just picked’ bouquet. A’just picked’ bouquet is exactly as it sounds, a bouquet of flowers that look like they have just been picked up/gathered from a garden or a meadow. The more rustic/organic, the better.

In my last blog post about greenery wedding ideas, I merely focused on the flowers side, this time I am concentrating on the bigger picture. For a greenery wedding, you need to think about everything. From your bridesmaids’ outfits to your stationery, everything is important.

Many of you may think a stunning greenery wedding is easy to achieve. However, it is a mistake to think like this. The so called ‘simple’ weddings are often harder to achieve than the more ‘glamorous’ ones. Anyway, the last thing we want you to do is worry. Take a look at the beautiful greenery wedding ideas below to inspire you.

The most stunning greenery wedding ideas

greenery wedding ideas

Emma’s headdress by Wild Willow is perfect for a greenery wedding.

greenery wedding ideas

Be inspired by Emma and Bret’s whimsical greenery wedding, which you can see by clicking here. Photograph by Tim Simpson. Emma’s bouquet featured her favourite flowers, daisies, and is by Laura from Wild Willow. Her Lusan Mandongus gown was by Isabella Grace.

greenery wedding ideas

A very pretty Greenery wedding invitation by Emmy Designs, Not On The High Street.

greenery wedding ideas

This woodland moss wedding ring dish is from The Wedding Of My Dreams.

greenery wedding

These biscuits are from Wildflower Cakes.

greenery wedding ideas

The glamorous Graciela from Pronovias.

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