The Wedding Day

We are so excited to share guest blogger Morgan’s personal highlights of her actual wedding day. Throughout the journey of wedding planning, from cardboard cat cut-outs to caterpillar wedding cakes, we have loved her personality and honesty. For now it’s over to Morgan to share more…

“I have to admit, I’m still struggling to believe I’m not living in a dream and that our wedding day really has been and gone, over a month ago too! We were planning our big day for nearly two years and the wait was definitely worth it. We had the most amazing day with our wonderful family and friends, helped along by suppliers who were so great I would recommend them all in a heartbeat.

“You’ll probably be shocked to read that I was surprisingly chilled out and relaxed come the wedding morning. I’d slept right through the night (none of the stressful tossing and turning I’d expected!) and even got up early for a walk down to the loch-side and a couple of “waaah-I’m-so-excited-I’m-getting-married-today” selfies in front of the house. We didn’t have a regimented plan for the bridal prep so I mostly moseyed about the house in my “Bride” dressing gown and slippers, drinking champagne and chatting with my family and the bridesmaids. I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect start to the day!

“I know everyone says to savour the day as it goes in so quickly, but seriously – it’s completely true. One minute I was leisurely munching some croissants with my rollers in and the next it was time for me to get my hair and make-up finished then do a quick run up the stair because Frazer had just been spotted coming up the drive with his ushers and best man! This was the only point of the day for me that got a bit frantic. I was desperate not to be late, so rushed around getting into my dress and putting on my veil and all of my accessories (forgetting a few of them in the process…), generally getting myself flustered. Take even five minutes to chill, take a deep breath and recollect your thoughts just before you leave wherever it is you’re getting ready is my advice for future brides!

“Our ceremony was everything we’d hoped for, and we even managed to get dry weather to be able to have it outside on the patio. This was a miracle considering it was torrential rain the day before and the day after our wedding! I tried to master looking elegant while doing the old kick-and-step under my dress as I walked down the aisle with my Dad and then I could feel my heart beating faster with excitement the second I saw Frazer smiling at me.

“My Mum and my Chief Bridesmaid read some beautiful readings and then we came to the vows we had written ourselves and managed to keep secret from one another till the day. I very nearly teared up when Frazer read his surprisingly soppy and lovely vows and I felt so overwhelmingly happy to be marrying this man who loved me as much as I loved him. After the vows and signing the register, our dads were called up to drink from the quaich with us. It was a lovely end to our ceremony and I practically bounced back down the aisle with Frazer, grinning from ear to ear.

“While our guests enjoyed some drinks and the canapes (double helpings of Haggis Bon-bons as per Frazer’s request), we got our few posed family photos out of the way and then headed to the boathouse to row out onto the loch in a wee boat which Frazer had been so buzzing for. Massive round of applause for our photographer, Ewa Labuda, who was such a good sport following us out in another rowboat to get some shots and getting a little stuck out in the middle of the loch in the process. That’s dedication to your art!

“Next up were the speeches where lots of lovely and also hilarious things were said, followed by a delicious BBQ meal served family style at the table. Everyone raved about the food the next day, so that was a big hit! After the meal we served up chocolate caterpillar cakes as our cake which also went down a treat and there wasn’t much left (though I did have a slice for my breakfast the next day!).

“It wasn’t long then before our evening guests arrived and the party really got started. Our band were amazing and kept the dancefloor full all night from our first dance all the way up to 12am when our night ended with me trying to negotiate some dance moves out of a drunken Frazer to The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”.

“We can’t wait to get our professional photos through now to relieve the whole day again. It really was the perfect culmination of all of our planning and I wish we could do it all again the exact same way. But failing that, here’s to the start of our wonderful marriage and spending the rest of our lives together in happily wedded bliss!”

Anyone else super impressed that Morgan and Frazer rowed into the loch on their wedding day? Love it! Alie x

Morgan & Frazer tied the knot in a Humanist ceremony at Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard, in the Trossachs. Their “a riot of colourful tartan, hearts and bookish twists” warms our hearts a lot.
Photos by Morgan and friends

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