Top 10 annoyances for wedding guests

A piece of research was recently conduced by Goldsmiths across almost 2,000 wedding guests from across the UK. They asked guests what their top annoyances were about attending weddings, and here’s what they said…


  1. Being invited to a hen/stag do and wedding abroad (39%)
  2. Screaming children (36%)
  3. Drunken relatives (34%)
  4. Inconvenient location (29%)
  5. Long and cringeworthy speeches (29%)
  6. Long ceremony (26%)
  7. Long waits for food (25%)
  8. Not receiving a plus one when invited (22%)
  9. Being asked for money for the wedding gift (17%)
  10. When a wedding falls on a weekday (13%)


What do we think peeps? Here’s my thoughts – let’s break this down shall we?


1 – Being invited to a hen/stag abroad – AGREE

This is a bugbear of mine too if I’m honest. Why can’t we just go back to the days where tapas and cocktails followed by a dance round your handbags at the local discotheque was a successful hen do? The husband and I haven’t had a holiday overseas since our own honeymoon, so if I were to be investing in going abroad I’d kinda like to go with him. Of course – if you all have the disposable cash then no issue.


2 – Screaming children – AGREE

Actually, here it’s not so much the screaming kids that I find annoying, but the parents that don’t move them away from important moments. The marriage ceremony, the speeches – people want to hear! Children cry, that’s life, but I’d always like to think their designated grown up would do the right thing if said screaming happens at an inopportune moment.


3 – Drunk relatives – AGREE

Oh booze. I love a tipple as much as the next person, but over-indulging can make for a not-so-pretty sight can’t it? To be fair this isn’t something I’ve generally experienced at weddings I’ve been to but I can totally see how cousin Lila getting smashed and pole dancing round the marquee might not be so classy on your wedding day.


4 – Inconvenient location – DISAGREE

Three words. It’s their day.  If you care about the couple just suck it up and go.


5 – Long and cringeworthy speeches – AGREE

Ohhhhhh have I heard some corkers in my time. Long and boring – NO.  Embarrassing and cringey – NO. The best Best Man speech I ever heard was at my sister’s wedding, as her new brother-in-law stood up and sang the praises of his brother and my sister. It was SO lovely, he told stories of great memories they had together, with a good dose of humour and love thrown in. Not a dry eye in the house. So much nicer than reeling through a list of ex-girlfriends and anecdotes nobody needs dredged up on the wedding day.


6 – Long ceremony – DISAGREE

It’s those three words again! It’s their day. Sure a long ceremony can be a yawnfest but this is someone you care about declaring their love and commitment to one another. If they’ve chosen this ceremony it’s because it means something to them. It’s another case of ‘man up’ from me, even it is served up with a snore from the back row.


7 – Long waits for food – AGREE

Right. Full disclosure, I’m a hangry sufferer, so I do require regular feeding to avoid the setting in of aforementioned hanger. But yeah, when we organised our own wedding I made sure that I looked at the timings realistically and worked everything out so that people weren’t being left hungry and thirsty.  I wanted our guests to have a great time, and in my world that means being fed and watered at regular intervals!

In terms of the long wait for food – that signifies a poor supplier. A decent caterer will make sure food is being served promptly, that tables are getting courses at the same time and nobody is left waiting for their starter while others are finishing their dessert!


8 – Not receiving a plus one – DISAGREE

I’m about to contradict myself here but it’s my blog so I reserve the right to do that!

We wanted all of our guests to be happy, comfortable and have a good time, so our arrangements were revolved around that. And with that in mind, we did indeed include a plus one to guests who were being invited alone.

However. I don’t think a plus one should be an expectation.

9 – Being asked for money as a gift – OMG DISAGREE SO HARD!

These days most couples have been together for years by the time they get to tying the knot. They’ve got a home, a toaster, and all the towels they need. If you were going to spend £x on a gift for them what harm does it do to just give them that as cash rather than something that will sit in a cupboard never used? Perhaps they’ll treat themselves to a new garden shed or something. Don’t be such a meanie!


10 – When a wedding falls on a weekday – DISAGREE

I’m guessing the issue here is the conflict with work and having to take time off? If you give two hoots about this person and want to be there that won’t be a problem – what better way to spend a day or two of your annual leave than celebrating with people you care about?  Getting married on a weekday can work out quite a bit cheaper than a weekend, so what does it reeeeeally matter? Again. Meanie.



What are your thoughts?




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