Top Eating Habits to Help You Feel Great for Your Wedding

You can hear the wedding bells chime as that special day approaches! Amidst all the complex preparations, however, it can be quite a challenge to find a free moment to think of how you eat. After all, a perfect wedding gown doesn’t assemble itself, nor will the flower arrangements! Still, when it comes to your once-in-a-lifetime event, your own health and the feeling of confidence should come first as much as the catering selection or the venue search.

For busy brides-to-be who are eager to give their skin the right ingredients to remain radiant, and their health the perfect nourishment to fend off stress, the following menu is a bride-approved one that will make sure you feel like a queen on your big day!

Choose your carbs wisely

The age-old advice that we should focus our plates around diverse fruits and veggies holds true, especially for your wedding-day preparations. So, ladies, eat the rainbow whenever you possibly can, but still make sure you know your carbs. Not all brides aim to lose weight, so factor in what you wish to achieve before you cut your carbs or load on them for extra energy as soon as your cravings kick in.

If you add fresh vegetables, roasted or steamed ones, along with a healthy source of protein (to which we’ll come in a moment), to every meal, you’ll feel full, and provide your skin and your body with all they need to stay in tip-top shape. Vitamin C-rich items such as bell peppers or vitamin A-packed spinach both work wonders for clarifying your complexion and keeping the wrinkles at bay.

On that note, minimize your intake or starchy carbs such as pasta, and keep your carb sources in the shape of whole foods, so as to make the most of their nutritional value. Also, an occasional bar of dark chocolate can be your source of magnesium, but make sure to keep your sweet-tooth under control in the weeks prior to the wedding!

Focus on gut health

Keep your belly happy, not bloated, because your dress fitting sessions, your bachelorette escapades, as well as your tasting appointments will all be spoiled by an unhappy belly. While you’ve already covered your prebiotic needs with a rainbow-filled plate, you should also consider introducing certain probiotic foods that keep your gut bacteria in great shape.

If you can eat dairy products, then everything from yoghurt, kefir, to cheese can be your go-to breakfast favorite or serve as a daily snack. Then again, there are other lactose-free alternatives such as pickles, apple cider vinegar which you can easily add to your salad, as well as sauerkraut and kombucha. After all, these pungent treats are a staple of health, so make sure you keep a stash in your kitchen at all times!

Ditch the diets

So many eager brides out there avoid satiating meals altogether hoping that their restricted caloric intake would be the best route to fast and furious weight loss. Yet, fad diets that force you to cut out entire food groups, including protein sources, can have a profoundly negative impact on your health, no matter if the scale numbers start going down or not. To that end, foregoing diets and sticking to an eating regime such as the 131 Method, 12 Week Metabolism Body Transforming Program, will let you make the most of a healthy menu while simultaneously achieving your weight goals.

The purpose of any “diet” is to maintain your well-being, make you look and feel your absolute best, all without heavy restrictions or cookie-cutter solutions. Treat your body as a unique biological vessel that it is, and you’ll find a healthy eating method that takes care of all your individual needs.

Smart snacking

When you spend your days rushing from one wedding-related venue to another, you get tired and in need of an energy boost pretty quickly. Without resorting to overly-processed, sugar-loaded candy bars, it may seem like a mission impossible to stay awake and energized throughout all the wedding hustle.

However, planning for these occasions is the best way to curb your cravings with the help of homemade or store-bought snacks that won’t wreak havoc on your fitness and beauty wedding goals. Just remember, too much sugar is a surefire way to cause skin irritation, sudden pimple outbreaks, and weight gain. Instead, choose a fresh fruit salad, a protein bar, or make a smoothie with a range of healthy ingredients of your choice. They are all portable, fast to make or buy, and extremely tasty!

Don’t forget to hydrate

As you start to outline your meal plan for the weeks before the big day, make sure you factor in your hydration needs, as well. The excitement alone is enough to make you forget about your daily dose of aqua, so a gentle reminder on the fridge, or a portable insulated water bottle can make all the difference.

Ample intake of H2O is your ticket to radiant, youthful complexion, no pimples on the wedding day, and an essential ingredient to keep your skin, nails, and hair in pristine condition. Bear in mind that a sizzling summer day can take a toll on your skin, so do hydrate inside and out with the right moisturizers and sunscreen in addition to water! Also a good night’s sleep will make you feel refreshed, as well as noticeably healthier and attractive.


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