Travels, tasting & The Tattoo

Going travelling is a great way to avoid the pre-wedding stress, it seems! And while it hasn’t all been plain sailing this month, Jillian and Matt are keeping everything in perspective. We are loving their style. Over to Jillian…

“It has been a pretty eventful month since I last wrote! We’re about a third of the way through Bader Epic Moon, and things are certainly not slowing down.
“First things first, I have to make sure I cover the wedding updates! (that’s why I’m really here, right?). Wedding mode is about to kick into high gear next week with our visit to Edinburgh. We’ll be taking a final visit to Borthwick for all wedding day logistics like placement of the cameras in the Garrison for the ceremony, room assignments for the bridal party, and general wedding day timeline. We will then head to Hickory’s office to do our menu tasting and pick our wonderful food for the big day!
“Borthwick and Hickory have been so accommodating with us, and they’re letting us stretch the deadline for food choices and final payments by a couple of days. Choosing to have a wedding overseas was definitely a bit scary, but their communication has been superb and they have eased any tension or stress.
“Once we are sufficiently full from far too much delicious food, we’ll head back into town to meet up with our officiant, Reverend Tony Bryer. We were put in touch with Tony by some family friends, and we’ve only been able to chat via email so far. We’re definitely looking forward to meeting the man that will be performing the blessing of our wedding ceremony!
“Our final wedding related activity whilst in Edinburgh this go around, will be a meet up with our photographers, Chris and Gillian Currie. After our engagement shoot with the incredibly talented Meghan Kay Sadler, we realized how important it is to be comfortable with your photographer. Meghan is my old roommate’s best friend, so I had met her many times before our photo shoot on the beach. Even so, it was definitely awkward for the first 15 or 20 minutes of the shoot. Matt and I are fairly private people, so trying to figure out how to naturally show affection in front of a camera was a bit of a struggle! We got there eventually, but we decided we’d rather go through the awkward phase during an extra photo shoot, rather than chance a bunch of stiff photos the day of. The Curries graciously agreed to head up to the Isle of Skye, and we’ll be traipsing around the mountains in the rain and mud. We couldn’t be more excited!
“Interspersed with all the wedding activities, we also plan on checking out the Fringe Festival and we have tickets to the Military Tattoo. Both of us have seen it before, but we absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go again.

“We’ve also had some less than stellar news on the wedding front, as five people have let us know that they can no longer attend the wedding. That may not sound like much, but when you only have 60 guests, small numbers can make a difference! Even more unfortunate is that two of them were a bridesmaid and groomsman. While we’re definitely sad they’ll be missing, we also understand that some circumstances are out of your control. We just keep assuring everyone that we’ll find a way to celebrate with them in our home state.
“Other than some minor details that we’ll be finalizing in the next couple of weeks, planning is essentially done! I’ve been lucky enough to avoid most of the wedding related stress on account of being out of the country and all. It’s been a pretty incredible month of traveling so far. We’ve been to five countries, tons of cities, and seen all sorts of beautiful sights. Our AirBnB in Mallorca was in the most amazing private inlet, and we spent three straight days relaxing in the sun. I got to catch up with some college friends in Florence for my study abroad 10 year reunion. We explored Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels, and now we’re making our way around the south of Ireland. It’s been a really incredible adventure, and most importantly, we’re not sick of each other yet! I’d say that’s a good sign.”
Who else can’t wait to hear how the trip to Skye goes?! And dare we tell Jillian that it’s actually been pretty sunny (so far!) this week… Christina x

Jillian and Matt are based in Orange County, California and are holding their destination wedding at Borthwick Castle, near Edinburgh this September. Jillian loves Scotland because “you can have a beautiful, romantic wedding, but it’s also a little badass!”

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