Tried & Tested: The Spa at Blythswood Square

After a hectic and pretty exhausting few weeks, Alie and I were feeling more than ready to test the facilities on offer at the Spa at Blythswood Square in Glasgow. While I’d been there a few years ago, it was Alie’s first time, and we were looking forward to leaving the to-do lists behind and just kicking back for a couple of hours.

Our morning started with delicious coffee and pastries at Where The Monkey Sleeps, before we headed along to Blythswood Square, where the spa sits within the elegant townhouse hotel.

Recently refreshed (I was pleased to see that the spa has retained its soothing dark colours and lighting), the 10,000-square-foot spa boasts 9 luxury treatment rooms, a thermal suite, two relaxation pools, a lounge and café area, plus several relaxing guest areas. It also offers a range of luxurious and holistic treatments.

After checking in and being given a quick tour, we changed into our swimwear and snuggled into our robes before setting off in search of the Laconium (the first stop on the suggested spa itinerary). In the past I’ve always skipped right past this area when at a spa (and usually straight to the hot tub!), but spending 15 minutes in the warm, dry air as your body heats up gently and slowly is a lovely relaxing feeling.

After a mild shower, we were ready to hit the Saunarium – which lies somewhere between a sauna and steamroom, and combines the benefits of both, in a less intense way. Usually I struggle to sit in a sauna for more than a few minutes, but this room – with its views over the pool – was toasty warm, but not too hot or cramped.

We cooled down by rubbing handfuls of ice flakes over our skin, followed by a refreshing shower, before relaxing on the stone beds in the Tepidarium room (where we could easily have had a cheeky wee nap had we not had so much to chat about).

There was a slight hiccup when we emerged and found that someone had pilfered Alie’s bathrobe and flip-flops (don’t you just hate when that happens?!), but luckily a member of the spa team was able to replace them.

Then came my favourite bit – testing the Hydro Pool and Vitality Pool. As someone who used to have a gym membership mainly just to use the hot tub, this was a total treat. I blasted my achy shoulders with the hydrotherapy jets, while Alie enjoyed a gentle back massage thanks to the jets in the seated areas. As in most spas I’ve visited, a few mystery buttons produced no results, suggesting that something was perhaps in need of repair, but there was plenty to keep us busy and soon we were feeling brand new.

As I lathered up my hair with the gorgeous smelling shampoo from the spa’s signature ishga collection (developed on the Isle of Lewis it harnesses the natural anti-oxidant, healing properties provided by Scottish seaweed), I realised I hadn’t felt this relaxed in ages. And the great thing was that there was still time for a (slightly boozy!) lunch at Hummingbird, before heading back to work.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind with your besties, or to spend an hour or two escaping the wedmin with your partner, then we can highly recommend giving The Thermal Experience a go. And if you’re tempted to book in for treatment while you’re at it, the ishga Seaweed Body Wrap sounds pretty good to us.

Where’s your favourite place to relax? Christina x
Christina & Alie tried & tested The Thermal Experience, courtesy of Blysthwood Spa

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