Wedding Scent From Ghost {Win Perfume For Your Own Big Day}

Scent is an incredibly powerful thing. We all have fragrances that instantly transport us to a certain moment in time – whether it’s the smell of Mum’s washing powder at home, the extra strong mints your Dad always had in the car or the feeling you get when your fiancé is away and you wear his t-shirt to bed. Scent can be transformative, comforting and mood lifting, so it makes sense that on your special day, you’d wear a beautiful, meaningful fragrance. Something that will always evoke that magical day, a vivid reminder of the emotions you felt for years to come.

Step in these three gorgeous scents from Ghost Fragrances, perfect for every type of bride, with bottles that look as beautiful as they smell – making them perfect for those ‘getting ready’ images. Ghost Fragrances have been around for a long time, so are nostalgic in themselves – your first perfume? Mine was Ghost! The scent your big sister wore when she was going out? The familiar smell of your best friends from school, who will be there on your big day as bridesmaids? Chances are it’s Ghost. And the great thing about Ghost Fragrances is that they are still creating perfumes that are relevant today.

But which is the right scent for you? Where should you apply your fragrance so that you smell delicious all day long? Read on for expert advice from Ghost and the chance to win a hamper full of fragrance and treats for your own big day…

Our Favourite Fragrances From Ghost
Daydream {A New Scent From Ghost For Modern Brides}

Wedding Day Scent From Ghost Fragrances

With fruity notes of mandarin and apple, paired with the delicate florals of violet, jasmine and heliotrope, Ghost’s newest scent, Daydream, is a captivating and invigorating scent perfect for ambitious, motivated and independent modern brides.

Sweetheart {Romantic & Feminine For The Elegant Bride}

Wedding Day Scent From Ghost Fragrances
A scent for the romantic at heart, Ghost Sweetheart blends tones of lemon and pineapple with rose, jasmine and lily of the valley to create a scent that is hard to resist. The sweet scent is girly and delicate, just perfect for classic, elegant brides.

Eclipse {Wild & Carefree For The Bohemian Bride}

Wedding Day Scent From Ghost Fragrances
Ghost Eclipse has zesty tones of lemon, blackcurrant and apple are combined with classic scents such as rose and freesia to create this quirky scent. Perfect for festival loving brides who’d always rather be outdoors and are always up for an adventure.

Advice From The Experts

Where are the best places to apply fragrance for optimum scent and longevity?

The most effective spots to apply fragrance would be the pulse points on your body like your wrists, inside of elbow, behind ears, on your hair and around neck area. Be sure not to rub your wrists together after applying though, as that flattens the top notes. A good alternative tip is to spritz the hair as it clings and lasts longer.

When is the best point during morning to apply your perfume?

After make-up, but before dressing so that the fragrance can absorb into your skin. However, spritzing your wool and cashmere clothes can help achieve longer lasting scent too.

Enter Our Competition – What type of bride are you?

We’ve teamed up with Ghost Fragrances to giveaway a hamper of Ghost fragrances and treats to one lucky winner, plus a runners up prize of three bottles of the perfumes featured in this post. To enter, all you have to do is comment below this post telling us which type of bride you are – modern, boho or elegant? Best of luck!

Daydream – for modern brides // // Eclipse – for boho brides // Sweetheart – for elegant brides

Wedding Day Scent From Ghost Fragrances

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