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If you’re anything like us, you flit from one favourite wedding season to another as the various months of the year each have something different to offer.

Whether it be the possibility of a relaxed outdoor wedding in the height of summer taking your fancy, or the image of a cosy and atmospheric winter wedding that has you hooked, an epic choice of venues and hugely creative wedding suppliers means a show-stopping wedding is achievable all year round.

As such, deciding when to set the big day date for can be a little tricky, and so we’ve invited our lovely guest writer, Izzy Hicks of our media partner Love Our Wedding Magazine, to share the pros and cons of the options, so you’ll know which of the seasons is best for you to say “I do”…


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Winter, and in particular the holiday season, is a wonderful time of year for a wedding, as it’s already a time of getting together with family and friends to celebrate. It’s easy to create a cosy winter wedding theme, as around Christmas and New Year your venues are already likely to be decked out with fairy lights and extra decorations.

Depending on which month you opt for, winter can also be one of the cheapest times of the year to tie the knot. November, January and February are great months for bargain-hunters.


The weather is often a big drawback for brides considering a winter wedding. At best it’s likely to be dry yet cold – more likely, it’s going to be drizzly or raining. Although snow may look beautiful in photographs, it can seriously interfere with your wedding travel plans, so be prepared for this possibility.

You’ll lose the light quickly in winter, as the days are at their shortest, which can wreak havoc with your wedding photography. Choose a photographer who’s experienced in shooting in low-light conditions, and consider having your ceremony earlier rather than later in the day to avoid taking group photos in the dark.


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Tom Halliday


If you want the potential good weather and beautiful settings of summer, but haven’t got the budget for peak season, then spring could be your next best option. And if you’re lucky with the weather you’ll still be able to get all those gorgeous outdoor shots.

Spring is all about new life, which means that you’ll have some of the best blooming flowers and fresh local produce to choose from for your big day. You’ll have your pick of ranunculi, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips for your bouquet, and everyone will be ready for a light and fresh wedding menu after the heavy excesses of winter.


Once again, it comes down to the weather. Spring is one of the most unpredictable seasons when it comes to the weather, so you’ll need to be prepared for all eventualities and keep your eye on the forecast. At worst, you may end up dealing with flooding due to the Spring rains, so make sure you’re protected against this.

With budding flowers comes pollen! If you or your fiancé suffer from sever hayfever or allergies, then you may want to reconsider marrying in a season when the pollen count is at its highest.



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Summer is the most popular wedding season for a reason: the weather! If you’re dreaming of a sunny wedding day with your guests milling outside, or even an outdoor ceremony, then summer is likely to be your best bet. Bear in mind though that when it comes to the British weather, nothing is guaranteed, so it’s wise to have a back-up plan.

With gorgeous sunny days comes some of our favourite wedding food! Think barbecues, picnics on blankets, ice cream vans, and fish and chips, as washed down with copious amounts of Pimm’s. Bliss!


As summer is the most popular season to get married in, expect to pay a premium for your peak season date. This is particularly noticeable with venues, which tend to charge the most in the height of summer.

Another side effect of picking a popular season is that suppliers get booked up a lot further in advance, especially for weekend dates. You’ll need to be quick to find the vendors you want before they get snapped up. You may even find that your guests are booked up with summer holidays, so be sure to get your save-the-dates out early.


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Real People Photography


Cosy autumn is a great season for weddings, as the changing colour of the leaves and rustic natural details make for both beautiful wedding décor and fantastic photographs. Not to mention, as the weather starts to turn colder, you can offer up warming comfort foods as part of your wedding menu.

As autumn covers everything from the end of the summer holidays to the start of the festive period, you can be flexible with your theme. There are some great occasions to take advantage of too, such as Halloween-theme wedding with pumpkins, a Thanksgiving-inspired feast, or a Bonfire Night extravaganza with fireworks.


If you don’t give your guests enough advance warning of your wedding date, then you may find that people are running out of holiday allowance towards the end of the year and won’t be free for your big day.

September has become an increasingly popular wedding month as it gets some of the best weather, so many suppliers and venues will still count this as peak season and apply premium prices accordingly.


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