When the wedding planning gets too much!

Whether you plan your wedding in a speedy six weeks or a more leisurely year or two, chances are at some point, the novelty of the organising, decision making and – dare I say, possible politics – will wear a little thin.

In fact, a wedding infographic I stumbled across reported that in a recent survey, three quarters of respondents said at some time through their engagement period they uttered the words “let’s elope”!


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Ultimately, when wedding woes hit and you start seriously considering the option of a Vegas drive through, take a deep breath, look each other in the eyes and remember what it’s all about. The two of you, standing in front of your loved ones, making a promise to spend your lives together, to love each other and support each other through good times and bad. Just think of the planning hiccups as the first test!

So whether you’re so laid back you’re horizontal, or a potential bridezilla, there are a few things you can do to help keep the wedding stress at bay…


Be organised

Whether it’s a complex spreadsheet or a simple list, know where you’re at with your planning. Knowledge is power, so if you’re burying your head in the sand that won’t help. Be aware of what you still have to do, and then, even more important…



Don’t let your ‘to do’ list get too overwhelming – be aware of the bigger picture but concentrate your efforts on what needs to be done next. If you’re feeling stressed, have a post-it with just the next 3 things you have to do. Cross them out, throw the post-it away and repeat.


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Accept help

I’m a self confessed control freak, it’s who I am and I couldn’t have handed over responsibility for my wedding day to anyone else. BUT, even if you’re the same as me, that doesn’t mean you can’t accept offers of help. Loved ones get a kick out of being a part of the preparations for your day, so if you can find it in you – let them!


Make it fun

Your wedding is an exciting, momentous occasion. Make the wedding planning journey as important as your big day. Turn mundane tasks into an excuse for fun. Invite your mates over with a bottle of wine for creating decorative paper pompoms or addressing your invitations,  plan little pamper days with your bridesmaids and quality time with your spouse-to-be throughout the planning period.


wedding planning - craft with bridesmaids

Take time out

If you start to feel like it’s all getting a bit much, take some time out. Don’t do or think wedding for a set period of time. Whether you take a day, a week or a fortnight, give yourself some mental freedom, it’ll be a weight off your shoulders and you can come back to it all feeling refreshed.



Hold steady

Engagement and wedding planning spark a particularly special kind of emotional journey. Excitement, stress and everything in between are a heady combination. It’s perfectly normal to start questioning the wedding, considering eloping, and even sometimes the marriage itself! In most instances this is just part of the journey. Hold steady, stay focused on you and your bride/groom to be, think about the days, weeks and months after your wedding and concentrate on that.



Stay focused on what you want as a couple

It can feel like everyone has an opinion on what you should do for your wedding and it can get tiring. It’s easy for a well-meaning friend or family to have you sobbing into your pillow! It’ll be challenging but when people throw in their opinions, try to just nod and smile, thank them sweetly for their suggestions, and know inwardly that you’re going to do what you want, so their words can just dissipate into the air and not affect you.



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and finally, but most importantly…


Remember what it’s all really about


Whether you have a huge extravagant or small simple wedding, the result is the same – the next day, you’re a newly married couple, embarking on your life together. Make the day what you want it to be, but don’t get too wrapped up in the detail and definitely don’t let it make you crazy. The most important thing is that you end the day married, the rest is a bonus.


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Have you got any suggestions to add?

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