White sands and majestic mountains

Joshua and Elisha’s love of beaches and mountains brought them to the Hebrides, where they became husband and wife in a handfasting ceremony on the white sands, as the sun shone and the waves crashed to shore. Whenever they hear the ocean now, it always makes them think of their wedding day. We love everything about their intimate Isle of Harris celebration.

How did you two meet?

We met at our place of employment some five years ago and were always work friends, but it was not until late 2014 that we began our relationship, our journey, and our best friendship with each other.

We visited Scotland in March 2016 and stayed on the Isle of Skye in a 300 year old, tiny, self catering cottage. We walked, hiked, watched seals bask in the sun, found the best bakeries and coffee shops on the island. On March 9th, we went to the Neist Point and there was torrential rain. I stated that the view of Neist Point would be better up the hill on the right. We hiked up the hill which was overflowing with rainwater and then there was a breathtaking view of the sea cliffs, crashing waves, birds flying in the windy rain, and the lighthouse in the distance.

Elisha was snapping photos and careful to cover her camera equipment while I was trying to get her attention. When she finally stopped taking photos, I began telling her about how I wanted to spend every sunrise and sunset with her. Elisha did not realize what was about to happen until I knelt down in the pouring rain, holding her hand in mine. Elisha’s other hand covered her mouth, she took a step back, and I presented two seashells hinged together. Inside the seashells was a tiny white gold ring with intricate floral details, a small diamond surrounded by pearls. The entire world went quiet as time froze. She said yes, pulled me up for a kiss, tears followed, and she could not stop smiling from then on.

We were inspired by…

We always knew we wanted an outdoor wedding in the United Kingdom. Elisha loves the beach more than anything and scouting for seashells. And I am always called to the mountains and breathtaking landscapes.

We both have happy memories in Scotland, plus we got engaged in Scotland. It only seemed right to find a location that was on the Hebrides, which is why we decided on Luskentyre Beach. It was completely wild and untamed, the coast goes on for miles, the sand is soft and white, there are hardly any people on the beach, the water is a magnificent teal color which changes throughout the day, and mountains backdrop the beach.

How did you choose your photographer?

After exploring We Fell In Love, we discovered a few photographers and settled on Margaret Soraya. Margaret is a very kind person, who loves to smile and makes everyone feel at ease. She knows how to capture the detail shots, portraits, impromptu moments, and majestic landscape shots. She was willing to go with the flow while at the same time having ideas for great photo locations.

We hear that Elisha has some serious skills! Tell us more…

Elisha sewed her own wedding dress from scratch. She picked out her own pattern and chose the Liberty of London fabric. She cut, she measured, and she sewed for days on end until the dress of her dreams had been made.

I wore a custom tailored, slim fit, puppytooth suit from Burton Menswear London.

Any surprises on the day?

Elisha was surprised that our wedding day was so sunny outside. She was expecting the traditional Scottish clouds and rain. 

I was surprised how nervous I was up until I saw Elisha. I’ve been to tons of other people’s weddings and am normally cool under pressure, but I was nervous on the day to my surprise and had to have a shot of whisky with my mates before the wedding got going.

Tell us about your reception venue…

The Machair Kitchen is a great venue with an open floorplan, an art gallery, and a dining room with high ceilings and tall windows over looking the golden golden sands of Niseaboist beach. The staff are kind, attentive, and the chefs prepared a fantastic meal for us and our guests.

Any advice?

Elisha: “Make sure the day is perfect for you. Don’t let other people organise your day into what they want and make sure it’s the day that you want.”

Joshua: “My advice is to leave the wristwatch and iPhone at home. Let everything go and just experience every moment and every emotion in that day with your partner.”

What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?

Elisha: “The time I got to spend alone with Joshua on the beach. In that vast space with just him, the world seem to stop. Whenever I hear the ocean now, it always makes me think of our wedding day.”

Joshua: “Waiting to see Elisha for the first time. I stood on a trail lined on each side with buttercup flowers in abundance. I hadn’t seen her in her wedding dress yet and when I turned to see her, the breath was stolen from my lungs and my heart skipped a beat. Elisha had the most beautiful smile, her heart full of joy, tears welling in her eyes, and she looked absolutely breathtaking.”

We love getting to see Scotland through the eyes of couples who travel here to get married – every time we fall in love with this incredible place all over again! Christina x


Venue – Luskentyre Beach & The Machair Kitchen, Isle of Harris
PhotographerSoraya Photography
Wedding dress – Made by the bride
Groom’s outfit
Burton Menswear London

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