Wistmans Wood – A Mystical & Gothic Bridal Shoot

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you this beautifully dark woodland shoot from Emma Stoner Weddings and an epic team of suppliers including The Couture Company and Bloom and Flourish.

Wistmans Wood on a Dartmoor is a mystical copse of ancient, dwarf oak trees. The veil between the realms is thin here and the place is thought to be haunted by devilish hounds and inhabited by faery folk. The Unseelie Court of dark faeries hunts along with these hounds of hell, attacking and robbing travellers who dare to stray into their grove. These faeries work closely with the Owls who inhabit their land. Owls act as messengers for the faeries and have strong connections to the faery realm. The Unseelie Court is a winter court and the power of these faeries is strongest on the Winter Solstice. They are a social group, ruled by a Queen & King.”

“This bridal shoot is a depiction of the Unseelie Faerie Realm. The Unseelie Queen wears a flower crown and holds and beautiful white barn owl. She is joined by her prince who wears a soldiers jacket that he has stolen from the human realm. This is decorated with feathers to match her feathery jewellery and feathered friends. Other Fae folk are pictured, one is captured sitting alone with an owl.”

The tattoos pictured under her moss covered fairy wings depict Alice in Wonderland. The faery princes are pictured with thorny flower crowns, one is bare-chested as he likes to run naked in the woods. The Unseelie Queen has a magical wand made of flowers at her disposal. She also holds a beautiful bouquet of flowers as this is her wedding day.

How beautifully ethereal is this bridal shoot? The gorgeous looks were created my Devon Wedding Hair and Billie Edge Make Up. Thank you to Emma Stoner Weddings for sharing with Marry Me Ink.

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