Write the loveliest place names you’ve ever seen! Online calligraphy workshop offer with By Moon & Tide

I ask brides and grooms whose weddings we feature where they spent more, and where they saved. Often couples splash out on the venue and save by making their own stationery. I personally think if you can invest a little time into making your own beautiful on-the-day stationery, it’s so worth it!

So today I have a sneak peek of an affordable (it’s only £25) online calligraphy workshop for creative brides and grooms to share with you. Calligraphy is a beautiful way to turn simple stationery pieces into little treasures. And the modern styles aren’t really that hard to learn!

If you’re creative and ready for a new adventure, Making Beautiful Letters is for you!

Sign up for the online workshops for £25 today!

The online workshop is for absolute beginners and it’s really easy to get started. You’ll learn the tips and tricks of modern calligraphy at your own pace, with a new video tutorial delivered by email every week.

By the end of the 6 week workshop you will know how to write a beautiful modern calligraphy script with a traditional dip pen. You’ll be ready to develop your own lettering style, and you’ll be writing your place names and wedding calligraphy goodies to delight your guests with a genuine personal touch.

Find out more and give calligraphy a try!


The online calligraphy workshop videos and promo feature were filmed by, a photo-film maker and wedding photographer in Cheshire. See more from Paul on the English Wedding Blog

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