You are enough.

Yes, you. Reading this.


You are a beautiful and amazing human being JUST AS YOU ARE, right here, right now.


I’m not the only one that thinks this either. At least one other person obviously agrees if you’re here looking for inspiration for your wedding. Someone loves you so much that they want to share their life with you. You don’t need to change. You are enough.


It just makes my heart sink to see the media trying to capitalise on the combination of insecurity and a perceived necessity for wedding day ‘perfection’ (whatever that is!). If you want to do something healthy and beneficial for your body from a place of love and wellbeing, awesome, but don’t feel you need to go to crazy measures to achieve someone else’s warped sense of what should be for your wedding day (or, indeed, at any other time!). Happiness comes from within, not from a number on the scales or the label in your clothes.


You are enough just as you are. You’re getting married for who you are NOW. You have people that love you so much, you need to love you too.


This was probably the shortest post in the history of Pasties & Petticoats but I guess sometimes less is more.


You are enough.


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